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Here’s finally the release of the version 1.0! Enjoy.

The theme of this video is “Friendship”.

**Note: Apply this patch on the “clean japanese ISO” not on a previous patched one. Thank you.

Patch ENG: mediafire
Patch ITA: mediafire

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25 pensieri su “BERSERK PS2 PATCH ENG/ITA RELEASE 1.0!!!

  1. I’ve noticed that the movies that play if you don’t press any buttons on the main menu don’t have any subs. Is that an oversight?

  2. Thank you so much for this translation. could you take a look at the game Hungry Ghosts also for the ps2 is a great game but unfortunately only Japanese. and once again thanks for this patch of berserk.

  3. Been trying to get this too work all day on my swap magic and I keep getting a black screen trying to find a clean Japanese Iso, is there anyways I can just unpatch the copy I have and repatch it

    • That shit of youtube closed my account for fraud, spam and commercially deceptive content. ???????
      I’ll upload my videos on a new site, which one do you recommend me?

      • I bet some idiot who hates Berserk reported your videos. Also I think you have to be careful using copyrighted music as well. It’s really gone downhill on YouTube.

        I wouldn’t know where else to upload videos. But just doing a Google search for ‘YouTube alternatives’ gave me suggested websites.
        Here’s one site that compares video stream websites that you may want to choose from:

        Be sure to give us all an update on your website once you decide where to upload your videos, and I will help spread the word 🙂

        Can’t wait for the next patch update! All the best and good luck!! 😀

  4. Fantastica traduzione, confermo che funziona a meraviglia ma per applicarla serve una iso del gioco giapponese convertita o creata con clonecd e su pcsx2 bisogna mettere e impostare il bios versione USA ( v2.30 o in alternativa il v2.20 )… va detto però, che sebbene sia un bel gioco d’azione è anche molto raro e poi è uscito ufficialmente per ps2 solo in lingua giapponese nel lontano 2004 (dieci anni fa…) e se non fosse per queste traduzioni non se lo sarebbe ricordato più nessuno nè in Europa e nè in America, perchè a giocarci in lingua giapponese è troppo frustrante, solo tu potevi avventurarti in questa impresa….Mito! n1 del dark fantasy e buona pace per gli altri.

  5. Sucks what happened to your YouTube channel, thankfully your site is okay. Btw I’ve been wondering, what’s the first song that plays when you come to your site, starts off with the sound of thunder? I’m guessing it might be from one of the new movies which I haven’t seen yet?

    • Oh, nevermind. I found the playlist at the bottom of the page, I never saw it hiding down there.

  6. Ciao! Volevo chiederti una cosa: ho installato la patch 1.0 sul file ISO giapponese, il gioco parte su ps2 e tutto sembra funzionare bene, solo che appena provo a salvare la partita nel primo livello il gioco si blocca. Lo stesso quando faccio reset e provo a caricare la partita… Qualche consiglio? Grazie.

  7. I recorded on a dvd for me to play the ps2 did not work and get to the part of the load and just gets it. how do I solve the problem? (sorry my english I’m from Brazil and I used the google translator)

  8. Nice job, can I ask you what did you use to translate, since I want to try it out for myself.

  9. I can’t believe someone really did it…thats so AWESOME !
    Thanks a lot berserkdarkness,you are really the best !
    I will spread the word this translation is fantastic !


  10. Awesome Job!!

    It runs perfectly and now it is possible to play to Berserk game launched for PS2 in English.

    Thank you very much!

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