Berserk ps2 patch update eng-ita v0.9.9!!!

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Here comes the release of the v0.9.9 of the english and italian patch of Berserk for ps2.

A lot of improvements in this release, you can view it in the readme file.

*Note: please apply this patch on a clean iso not on an already patched one.


English patch: mediafire
Italian patch: mediafire

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12 pensieri su “Berserk ps2 patch update eng-ita v0.9.9!!!

  1. All is ok , I install the patch to the ISO file and I tested it on pcsx2 emulator all work fine. Problem was when i burn this iso on DVD and put to PS2 few second was loading disc. But only few second. All time have black screen and nothing happen. I than you very much for your work. Do you know how to fix it ?

    • I’ve tried burning it to a DVD-R and DVD+R. I get the same results. Without the translation patch it runs fine. This patch does not work with burned discs. Try a USB or hard drive. Which I haven’t tried myself.

      • I try on USB with USB Advance and nothing work.
        In USB only JAP Berserk work(Open PS2 Loader).
        Finally only JAP without patch work perfectly on DVD and USB. Only on PCSX2 runs correctly.
        Thanks for help

  2. This latest patch (v0.9.9) does not work on native PS2 hardware, be it USB, HDD, or disc, using OPL or HDloader. The patch before this (patch_ENG v0.9) works well on the PS2.

    • I can confirm that the latest 0.9.9 patch for Berserk does not work on the latest OPL 0.9.2 for HDD PS2’s. I have tried all different settings combinations with OPL and all refuse to work. The game hangs on a black screen upon boot-up. No patching, it works fine.

  3. I too am getting the same results. I haven’t tried it on PCSX2 or the previous patch. Hope this gets resolved soon. Thank you for your time & work for the fans.

  4. Wesker, I found what is making the freeze, the film 13 and film 20 are with some problem, they don’t play, even if you try to in the moviegallery, perhaps is some null pointer or something like that, try to play the films and you will see, I don’t know if there is other film with problem, if I see, I will tell you.
    The traduction is fantastic! Thank you for all your work.

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